Monday, 4 March 2013

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In Event Part 1

Hello Lovelies, yesterday Illamasqua had a beauty school drop in at Meadowhall in Sheffield and I went with the lovely Aqeela and Hayley go look at their blogs there amazing, I'm doing it in a few parts because they went into a lot of detail and I didn't want to make a long blog post so this will be all about the face, then the second part will be eyes and the third part lips. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful I did.

First just some general information, Illamasqua first started in London in Selfridges and been in Sheffield for under a year, Alex Sparks is the founder of Illamasqua and Jo Corrie is too, Vivanne Westwood uses Illamasqua makeup.

The makeup artist in Illamsqua at Meadowhall are Zoe Assistant Manger, Carl Manger, Katy moved from Clinque, Rachel Part Time while studying.

Zoe and Carl talked about the products and applied the makeup to two models called Hannah and Lelia.

The staff were really lovely.
This is the model Hannah.
This is the model Leah.

Firstly cream pigments they used orange and green, orange/salmon colour are for darkness under the eyes and green is for colour correction they used a synthetic blending brush.

Synthetic brushes are supposed to hold colour better and spreads easier, it is meant to be better than any other hair brushes.
The blending brush.

Illamasqua uses 60% pigment in there products in other companies its only 25/30%.

The Illamasqua primers are really light so you can't feel it, they use silicon in there primers which is supposed to help older people with lines to smooth them out, they used a highlighting brush to apply the primer.

Primer applied to models.

Yellow foundations help counteract redness.

There most popular foundation that they used on the models was skin base, they say its creamy and moisturising like a second skin, they used a blending brush to give more control and easier to blend.

I was matched and tried the skin base while I was there it makes your skin feel really nice and soft and smooth.

Skin base foundation has pink and yellow undertones in 28 different shades to match everyone.

There powder foundation and other powders are finally milled to help applying to the skin.

White translucent powder is finally milled and really soft, its blend able and doesn't come out white when you blend it.

Your skin has different undertones if your ill, when you run and just your normal day.

The foundation and powder used and the brush.

There brushes are really soft and dense.

They used 2 different techniques for contouring, Zoe contoured and sculpted in the hollows of the cheeks, she used a powder to contour, if you want to really contour you should use an eyeshadow brush to get into the hollows, Carl contoured by having it intensified at the top of the cheeks and bringing it down but making sure there is hardly anything further down using a cream pigment.

The cream pigment used on Lelia, perfect for olive and darker skin tones to contour.
The bronzer used on Hannah.

You can contour to change your nose shape to make it look thinner.

When highlighting start off with a light dusting and build it up if you need to.

They just used a pigment and pressed it into the skin to highlight.
It was a gorgeous shade.

There blushes come in a wide range of colours.

The blush used on Hannah.

The cream blush used on Lelia.

Cream blushes go on better if you don't powder your cheeks and you can use them under your foundation to show through.

How the blush and contour looks on Lelia.

Hope you enjoyed the post and you should go to the beauty school drop in if you can.

Ashleigh xx


  1. I had no idea Meadowhall did these!

    1. i didn't till some bloggers told me x

  2. It was so much fun wasn't it? I went to the Leeds one and learnt quite a bit. Great post :) x

    1. yeah it was, did you enjoy it then, thank you hun :) xx

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!!


    P.S I'm your newest follower from the Friendly Bunch blog hop <3

    1. it was and no problem, thanks for following :) xx

  4. I was at Debenhams in Meadowhall when this was going on - but I was working so couldn't sit and stay and watch. Such a shame! They had another one on Sunday but I was working then too. Looks fab though. Love Carl, he's always on my bus after we've finished work. haha.

    Amy xo

    1. it was good, if theres another one you should try to go to it, haha he is nice Carl :) xx